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KidCuteTure is a mother-and-daughter business started by Natasha and Olga Pantelyat. Natasha’s experience of over 25 years as a fashion and graphic designer in US and in Europe and Olga’s decade of “climbing the corporate ladder” as an investment banker and a consultant were just training camps for the amazing journey into the family business that followed. They also discovered something else – they love what they do and above all they love doing it together.
KidCuteTure clothes stand out on the strength of their truly unique designs. The mother-daughter design team imagines and then custom-creates classic colors that embody timeless, European sensibility. They have fun creating beautiful and deliciously surprising embellishments. All KidCuteTure designs are crafted from the finest fabrics and produced in the greater New York area.
Little Luna Blue Children's Boutique is thrilled to offer a broad selection both in store and on our online boutique!

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