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Dizzy Dress

Dizzy Dress
This reversible, high-flying, twirly dress for girls puts the play back in children's clothing, bringing out the child in every joyful twist and turn, even the child in mom! Best of all, though built for play, it's pretty enough to party in. That's PRETTY FUN.

Dizzy Dress™ is Manila-made with mom-thoughtfulness and attention to detail. Loads of stretch for loads of growing room, adjustable straps and sensibly reversible. Fabrics are carefully handpicked and purchased in limited quantities. Rarely is the same fabric combination repeated. That makes each limited edition Dizzy Dress™ quite special, indeed. And though comfy and carefree, fabric consumption is nearly 4 yards of twirly fun per medium and large-sized Dizzy™, unheard of for a child's play dress!

Little Luna Blue is proud to introduce Dizzy Dress to our customers.

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